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Expanding your English Vocabulary Skills, SoSe 2022

This course is designed primarily for ERASMUS and other exchange students who are studying Applied Linguistics, Translation, and similar subjects. It is worth 3 ECTS points. The CEFR Level is C1.

The aim is to increase students’ command of English vocabulary.

We begin with a brief theoretical introduction. This is followed by a close reading of a text from the field of applied linguistics on the differences between spoken and written language; the text will be supplied at the beginning of the semester. The course leader will also make available an extensive vocabulary list for the text, which will serve as a springboard for further work on lexical relations in modern English. There will also be comprehension exercises on the text itself and further vocabulary-building exercises on some of the wide variety of different fields that are encountered in the real-life examples used in the text. Particular emphasis will be placed on expanding students’ command of academic vocabulary. Students are encouraged to participate actively and to introduce topics of their own as well.

There are weekly exercise sheets to complete, plus a final assignment to be handed in.

The course notes are here:

You will also need this:

The reading material is here:

Contact the course leader directly if you have forgotten your username or password.

Home > Courses > Expanding your English Vocabulary Skills

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