Su Luopei (Robert Spence) Mündliche Fachkommunikation B I (Englisch), WS 2018/19

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Mündliche Fachkommunikation (B I), WS 2018/19

1 General information concerning this course

This course is part of the WP 4 component of the new Language Science and Technology M.A.

We meet Mondays 10–12 and practise oral English skills in a variety of specialist settings, including academic, technical and business-related.

Assessment will be on the basis of one or more oral tasks to be achieved in class during the second half of the semester, plus two short written exercises (we work on these in the first half of the semester, but they do not have to be handed in until the end of the semester).

The course begins in the second week of lectures due to the semester opening ceremony taking place in the first week.

ERASMUS students are welcome to attend in reasonable numbers, and can obtain a graded certificate for this course (3 ECTS points) by completing all of the assessment tasks.

All students taking the course should make sure that their correct e-mail address is on the course mailing list. It would be appreciated if students could include the word
(including the square brackets) in the subject field of any emails addressed to the course leader.

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Home > Courses > Mündliche Fachkommunikation

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